27 October 2021

Entangled – UK 2019

Entangled is a series of portraits of couples that manifest a peculiar social mechanism. Through this project, I propose to observe how individuals that spend a large amount of time together create a common pattern in their gestures, looks, attitudes, and behaviours and come to share a common space. How can we explain the biological mechanism that makes us become similar to the people we spend most of our time with?

Entangled – Italy 2018

Entangled – Italy 2018

Entangled – UK 2019

Homo Sapiens use mimicry to create familiarity, to empathize with other individuals and finally to build a comfortable environment for communication. Brain follows a very precise design. The details of this design are still unknown due to our lack of datas. When Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger set the basis for quantum mechanics in the 1920’s, they opened the way to rethink the world in a more articulate way, including the functioning of our brains.
In quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement is one of the most important and curious phenomena: Einstein described it as ‘the spooky action at a distance’

Entangled – Spain 2020

Entangled – Russia 2018

Entangled – Denmark 2019

Quantum entanglement occurs when two separate physical entities become strongly linked in a bond like connection. When they find themselves in this condition their properties are inter connected in a way that cannot even be explained with the rules of classical physics.
The phenomenon works at least on two particles and when it occurs, the particles get intertwined to the point that when one of them undergoes a change of state, we can observe the same change in the other particle, even when they are far from each other.
Its strangeness is what makes it so fascinating to scientists.

Entangled – Spain 2020

Entangled – Spain 2018

Entangled – France 2019

Physicists have shown how entanglement is not a rare phenomenon that occurs only on certain specific occasions but that it is in fact what happens on a regular basis during any kind of interaction between any physical system at a certain (microscopic) scale.
To date, entanglement has generally been limited to microscopic quantum units such as pairs or multiples of single ions, atoms, photons, etc.
Only in very recent researches, quantum entanglement has been observed and recorded directly on a macroscopic scale, a scale much larger than the subatomic particles.
Scientists are suggesting there could be a subtle and invisible layer of reality that is connecting everything in the universe both on a physical and theoretical level.

Entangled – Nederland 2018

Entangled – USA 2019

Entangled – Poland 2018

All the portraits in the series were realized within minutes out of random encounters made with strangers in different European Countries. There were no previous arrangement between parties. I believe it is quite obvious we can observe a clear behavioural pattern in the series. Could quantum entanglement ever be used to explain why this phenomenon happens? Is quantum entanglement permeating our existence so deeply that it could be affecting the way our brain cells and consequently our behaviours work?

Entangled – Korea 2019

Entangled – Norway 2020

Entangled – Russia 2019